Why Does This Page Look Funny?

If these pages are not rendering properly, it is almost certainly due to your browser. If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, now would be a good time to consider upgrading to Firefox - a much better browser.

What Makes Firefox So Much better?

Firefox is better for a number of reasons:

I'm Still Not Convinced ... or I'm Askeered to Try New Things

Perhaps a material example is in order. If you are viewing this page in IE, you are not seeing it as it should be. Download Firefox - its quick and easy - and you don't have to remove IE from your system to do it. You can actually run them both at the same time - which is in fact what I would like you to do here. Download Firefox, install it - and open the homepage for this site in Firefox, right next to the same page in IE. See the difference? Try hovering over the navigation buttons ... and scrolling the screen. Neat, huh? Now see what you are missing? If you are missing things here using IE, you are probably missing them elsewhere as well. Web developers like myself hate IE, and constantly have to write kludges to work around its inadequacies. It is slowing down development of the Web, and there is no good reason for it because Microsoft has plenty of money and programmers - they should have the best browser there is at this point, but they don't - not even close.

Isn't There A Downside?

The only thing about Firefox that could be considered a downside is the fact that its initial load time is slower than for IE. The reason for this is really an illusion. IE only seems to load faster because a good part of it is loaded automatically in the background when your machine is rebooted. You still have to wait for IE to load ... just at a different time. Imagine how much faster your machine would reboot if it weren't shoveling IE code into the system. Hummmm ...