Automatic Garage Door Openers - Replacement, Repair, Installation

How Can We Help You Today?

Perhaps you are looking to have have repairs performed on your existing garage door opener.

Or maybe you are in the market for a bright, shiny new garage door opener to impress potential homebuyers.

Whatever the case, SpringForce Garage Doors is here to serve your needs.

Should I Repair or Replace my Garage Door Opener?

At this point, you may be asking yourself ... would it be better to have the garage door opener repaired, or have it replaced outright?

SpringForce Garage Doors recommends repair of the existing opener if possible - and replacement if cosmetic appeal is an issue, or if the opener has suffered severe damage - from a fall, for instance.

For the more common failures, modern garage door openers can most times be repaired to "like new" functionality for a fraction of the cost of a new opener - without resorting to outright replacement.

This is especially true of LiftMaster / Chamberlain / Sears Craftsman openers, which are designed with servicability in mind.

Residential Garage Door Opener Repair Services

SpringForce repairs most common types and brands of automatic garage door openers. Our company structure allows us to charge more reasonably for service repair labor than other, larger companies in the same market.

Some of the Services We Offer

  • Basic Periodic Maintenance
  • Drive Gear Replacement
  • Receiver / Logic Board Replacement
  • Safety Eye-Beam Replacement
  • Up / Down Limit and Force Adjustment
  • Remote Control Programming
  • Security Code Resets
  • Opener Reinstallation

Repair Costs

Because every opener problem is different, a case by case on-site evaluation is necessary to provide accurate price estimates for repair services. For this reason, only the most basic information on pricing is given here and should only be considered as a rough guide. All prices subject to change without notice.

Base Labor - Tarrant Co / Dallas Co $80
Base Labor - Surrounding Counties $95
Repair Estimate Only $40.00 Fee waived for jobs done same trip
Basic Maintenance - Lubricate Opener and Adjust Limits / Force $80.00 Watch for specials
Drive Gear Replacement (LiftMaster) Base + $45.00
Reinstall / Move Existing Opener $95.00
Install Opener (Customer Supplied) $95.00

Warranty Information

Labor Warranty - SpringForce warrants all repair labor for 30 days as per industry standard - provided that complete repair is approved by the customer as recommended by SpringForce and customer account is paid in full.

Parts Warranty - All opener repair parts installed by Springforce are warranted against defects for 90 Days. Labor costs excluded.

Warranty Limitations

  • No labor warranty is provided in the case that the customer declines complete repair as recommended by SpringForce.
  • Warranty is non-transferrable and original, dated receipt must be provided for any claims. Warranty does not cover damage or failures due to abuse or neglect.

New Automatic Garage Door Openers - Selection and Pricing

What Brand Opener Should I get?

The garage door opener industry is currently dominated by two major players - The Chamberlain Group (makers of LiftMaster®, Chamberlain®, and Sears-Craftsman® openers) ... and Genie® (owned by Overhead Door Corporation) There are a few other minor participants, but the vast majority of the automatic garage door opener market is currently represented by these two manufacturers.

SpringForce can install most any brand - but we exclusively recommend and sell LiftMaster® Professional openers because of their consistent reliability and maintainability.

Furthermore, SpringForce does not recommend openers offered by home improvement centers and hardware stores, because of the weaker 3-piece rails found in these retail boxed units. The professional grade openers that we install all come with solid one-piece rails for maximum strength and reliability.

Why have your opener professionally installed?

  • Quick, professional installation - usually just a couple hours.
  • Solid one-piece rail
  • Complimentary professional door evaluation

What Type of Opener Should I Get?

Chain-Drive vs. Screw-Drive vs. Belt-Drive

Chain Drive - The oldest and most established technology. The trolley is driven by a sprocket and chain arrangement not unlike that found on a bicycle. The venerable chain drive is a reliable and economical solution, but does require a bit more maintenance than newer technologies due to the tendency of the chain to stretch over time.

Screw Drive - Designed to run a bit more quietly, and to require less maintenance than the chain drive arrangement ... the trolley engages a rotating threaded shaft that runs the length of the opener rail. Maintenance on these units is minimal because there is no chain to stretch. Additionally, LiftMaster® Screw Drive openers are more maintenance friendly than some competitor's offerings because they are designed to run without the use of any special lubricants (like Genies)

Belt Drive - A more recent development in opener technology ... the trolley is driven by a cogged belt in an arangement similar to the chain drive - but requiring less maintenance due to a built in self-tensioning device. Belt drive openers are made with low maintenance and quiet operation in mind. The quietest operation to be found in any opener is in a DC motor / Belt Drive unit such as the LiftMaster® Elite™ Series with the EverCharge™ Battery Backup System.

Chain-Drive Openers

LiftMaster - Model 3245

  • Budget Oriented "Contractor Series" Unit
  • 1/3 HP Motor
  • Strong, Reliable Chain-Drive Mechanism
  • Single Lamp - 100 Watts Max
  • Security+® Single-Button Remote Control
  • Illuminated Multi-Function Control Panel

Recommended for all single-width doors, and double-width doors of lighter gauge

Installed ...... $250.00 + tax

LiftMaster model 3245 Opener

LiftMaster - Model 3265

  • Full Featured "Premium Series" Unit
  • 1/2 HP Motor
  • Strong, Reliable Chain-Drive Mechanism
  • Dual Lamps - 200 Watts Max
  • Security+® Three-Button Remote Control
  • Illuminated Multi-Function Control Panel

Recommended for all standard double width garage doors

Installed ...... $260.00 + tax

LiftMaster model 3265 Opener
Screw-Drive Openers

LiftMaster - Model 3110

  • Budget Oriented "Contractor Series" Unit
  • 1/3 HP Motor
  • Screw-Drive Mechanism
  • Dual Lamps - 200 Watts Max
  • Security+® Single-Button Remote Control
  • Illuminated Doorbell-Style Wall Button

Installed ...... $265.00 + tax

LiftMaster model 3110 Opener

LiftMaster - Model 3240

  • Full Featured "Premium Series" Unit
  • 1/2 HP Motor
  • Screw-Drive Mechanism
  • Dual Lamps - 200 Watts Max
  • Security+® Three-Button Remote Control
  • Illuminated Multi-Function Control Panel

Installed ...... $285.00 + tax

LiftMaster model 3240 Opener
Belt-Drive Openers

LiftMaster - Model 3280

  • Full Featured "Premium Series" Unit
  • 1/2 HP Motor
  • Belt-Drive Mechanism
  • Dual Lamps - 200 Watts Max
  • Security+® Three-Button Remote Control
  • Illuminated Mutli-Function Control Panel

Recommended for installations where quiet operation is a consideration. The Belt-Drive system helps dampen motor noise making this the quietest of the AC motor units ... only the Elite Series DC motor units are quieter.

Installed ...... $305.00 + tax

LiftMaster model 3280 Opener

LiftMaster - Model 3850

  • Feature Rich "Elite Series" Unit
  • 800 Newton, Zero Hum DC Motor
  • Whisper Quiet Belt-Drive Mechanism
  • Dual Lamps - 200 Watts Max
  • Integrated EverCharge™ Battery Backup System
  • Illuminated Premium 3-Button Remote Control
  • LCD Digital Smart Control Panel™

Strong, yet silent ... this belt-drive unit is equipped with the EverCharge™ battery backup system, so the door will still operate even if there is a power outage.

Installed ...... $350.00 + tax

LiftMaster model 3850 Opener

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LiftMaster - Model 3800

  • Feature Rich "Elite Series" Unit
  • 800 Newton, Ultra-Quiet DC Motor
  • Jack-Shaft Mechanism
  • Remote Lamp Control - 200 Watts Max
  • Illuminated Premium 3-Button Remote Control
  • LCD Digital Smart Control Panel™

The LiftMaster Model 3800 offers an ultra-quiet, space-saving, wall-mounted design. It is specially designed for unique applications that don't allow for a traditional garage door opener, such as garages with very low, cathedral, or otherwise obstructed ceilings.

Installed ...... $399.00 + tax

LiftMaster model 3800 Opener

New Garage Door Openers - Overview

  • An up-to-date automatic garage door opener adds value to any home.
  • An automatic opener is a major convenience and time saver.
  • New generation garage door openers have more advanced safety and security features than their older cousins.
  • An automatic garage door opener will open and close the door in a controlled manner, thus decreasing the possibility of door malfunctions that can sometimes be caused by overzealous manual operation.

How to Prepare for Our Arrival

Please be aware that our service technicians need room to work. If you are having a garage door opener installed or serviced, it is important to have the interior area of the garage clear from the jamb to at least 9 feet back. The driveway will also need to be accessible to a service truck - clear of all vehicles, waste cans, and other obstructions.