Garage Doors: Service, Repair, and Installation

How Can We Help You Today?

Perhaps you are looking to have have repairs, or upgrades performed on your existing door.

Or maybe you are in the market for a bright, shiny new garage door to impress potential homebuyers.

Whatever the case, SpringForce Garage Doors is here to serve your needs.

Should I Repair or Replace my Garage Door?

At this point, you may be wondering ... would it be better to have the door repaired, or have it replaced outright?

Generally speaking, if the door sections are not severely bent, torn, or developing cracks, there is no need to replace the door, as it can probably be restored to proper functioning without resorting to outright replacement. In fact, a properly repaired door can be stronger than a new door for the same cost, because you are applying reinforcements to already existing infrastructure.

On the other hand, a new door — while it will not necessarily be stronger or any more reliable than a properly repaired door — will come with a more comprehensive warranty. Consider also that there is no practical means available to remove dings, dents, and creases from the door sections - so if cosmetic concerns are an issue, replacement may be the most appropriate solution.

The simple answer to this question is to repair the existing door if possible - and to replace it if cosmetic appeal is an issue, or if the door has suffered severe damage.

Residential Garage Door Repair Services

SpringForce repairs garage doors of all types, sizes, and brands. Our company structure allows us to charge more reasonably for service repair labor than other, larger companies in the same market.

Some of the Services We Offer

  • Spring Replacement
  • Flipped Cable Resets
  • Door Resets - when door is out of track
  • Door Releveling - when foundation has shifted, or been repaired /altered.

Repair Costs

Because every door problem is different, a case by case on-site evaluation is necessary to provide accurate price estimates for repair services. For this reason, only the most basic information on pricing is given here and should only be considered as a rough guide. All prices subject to change without notice.

Base Labor - Tarrant Co / Dallas Co $80
Base Labor - Surrounding Counties $95
Estimate Only $40.00 Fee waived for jobs done same trip
Basic Maintenance - Lubricate Door and Adjust Spring(s) $80.00 Watch for specials
Flipped Cable Reset (Simple) $125.00
Spring Replacement (Single) $118.00 Not available on doors wider than 8'
Spring Replacement (Dual) $156.00
Uninstall - Reinstall $185.00 May be necessary for some doors with severe misalignment or other problems.

Warranty Information

Labor Warranty - SpringForce warrants all repair labor for 30 days as per industry standard - provided that complete repair is approved by the customer as recommended by SpringForce and customer account is paid in full.

Parts Warranty - All door repair parts installed by SpringForce are warranted against defects for the life of the door. Door sections excluded. Labor costs excluded.

Warranty Limitations
  • No labor warranty is provided in the case that the customer declines complete repair as recommended by SpringForce.
  • Warranty is non-transferrable and original, dated receipt must be provided for any claims. Warranty does not cover damage or failures due to abuse or neglect.

New Replacement Garage Doors - Selection and Pricing

Selecting a New Door - Points to Consider

  • Door Size - Measured from jamb to jamb, not including trim. Custom sizes for non-standard openings will require deposit. Single- width doors are almost always 8' wide. Double-width is usually 16'... but may be 17' or 18' on occasion.
  • Door Gauge (thickness) - Important for strength, security, longevity. Wider doors and doors that are frequently cycled benefit from thicker metal gauge.
  • Color - Light colors reflect heat - dark colors absorb heat. Colors other than white or almond will require a non-refundable deposit.
  • Windows - Security issues may come into play if windows are installed in your door. $25 per pane for plain rectangular glass. Requires deposit.
  • Typical Use - If you have kids playing ball in the driveway, you may want to consider buying a stronger door. Consider also, the number of times the door is cycled per day.

Door Gauge Selection Guide

Economy - (26 Gauge) - Strictly for low-budget applications. Some landlords and renters may opt for this door based solely on the lower price. SpringForce does not recommend this door to anyone.

Standard Service - (25 Gauge) - Minimum recommended gauge for standard residential use. Over 70% of homes have the 25 gauge door.

Heavy Duty - (24 Gauge) - Recommended. Thickest and strongest single-layer residential door available. If you prefer the best single layer metal garage door you can get, this is the option for you.

Fully Insulated - ( [ Metal | Foam | Metal ] Sandwich Construction ) - Stronger than even the thickest single layer metal door. With an R-Factor of 9.4 (calculated) - this is our top of the line offering in residential metal doors.

Single Width Doors
Economy Standard Service Heavy Duty Fully Insulated

8x7 26 Gauge Metal Door

Installed - $378+tax

8x7 25 Gauge Metal Door

Installed - $397+tax

8x7 24 Gauge Metal Door

Installed - $427+tax

8x7 Fully Insulated Metal Door

Installed - $550+tax

Double Width Doors

16x7 26 Gauge Metal Door

Installed - $517+tax

16x7 25 Gauge Metal Door

Installed - $545+tax

16x7 24 Gauge Metal Door

Installed - $599+tax

16x7 Fully Insulated Metal Door

Installed - $827+tax

Special Options

17x7 24 gauge metal door (2 to 1 conversion) not including carpentry

Commercial Model (thick metal) We only offer doors that are longer than 16 feet in 24 gauge metal. A "2 to 1" conversion is when we remove two 8 foot doors and the 1 foot center column to install one long 17 foot door. We will re-center one of your existing automatic openers to operate the new door at no additional charge.

Installed - $785+tax

17x7 24 gauge metal door (2 to 1 conversion) with added carpentry: solid header board and back jambs.

We also recommend (and sometimes require) having an additional header board with back jambs installed to help keep the 17 foot opening from sagging down in the middle over time.

Installed - $970+tax

Heavy Duty Upgrade Option for any New Door

This Strut Upgrade option strengthens your new door against the cyclical flexing due to gravity and wind-loading that can eventually cause a metal door to develop fatigue cracks. As an added benefit, it helps make the door more secure against intrusion.

The heavy duty upgrade package (available only on new installs) includes:

  • Three additional reinforcement struts
  • The correspondingly higher rate torsion springs

Installed - $125+tax

New Replacement Garage Doors - Overview

  • A new garage door can improve the over all curb-appeal of your home.
  • New replacement is often the best-cost solution for a door with a badly damaged or torn section.
  • A newly installed door comes with a more comprehensive warranty than a repaired door.

Additional Information

All new doors installed by SpringForce come with:

  • Quality, commercial grade steel hardware
  • Solid steel rollers of 10-Ball Bearing design
  • Wide, heavy gauge, commercial grade hinges
  • Industry standard 10,000 cycle springs, rate-matched to the door weight
  • Doors wider than 8' come with two springs as per industry standard
  • Internal Slide Lock - inaccessible from outside to prevent malicious tampering
  • Free Teardown and Haul-off - No charge to tear down and haul off the existing garage door, provided it is of standard sectional design. (Older, one-piece pivot type doors may require additional labor fees for disposal due to their bulk.)

SpringForce Standard Warranty (for new installs only)

  • Parts Warranty
    • 3 years for 24ga "heavy duty" and 25ga "standard" models
    • 1 year for 26ga "economy" model
  • Installation Warranty
    • 1 year (all models)
  • Labor Warranty
    • 90 days (all models)

Garage Door Upgrade and Reinforcement Options

The following upgrades are available - contact us for more information:

  • Reinforcement Struts
  • Insulation Inserts
  • Long Life Springs
  • Specialty Rollers
    • Long-Stem Rollers
    • 11-Ball Nylon Rollers
    • Ultra-Quiet, Neoprene Jacketed Rollers
    • Sealed Bearing, Water Resistant "Car-Wash" Rollers
  • Extension-to-Torsion Spring Conversion

    Extension springs are clunky, unattractive, and hazardous. SpringForce can convert your extension spring setup to a safer, modernized torsion spring arrangement.

How to Prepare for Our Arrival

Please be aware that our service technicians need room to work. If you are having a door installed, it is important to have the interior area of the garage clear from the jamb to at least 9 feet back. The driveway will also need to be accessible to a service truck - clear of all vehicles, waste cans, and other obstructions.